Aviation & Tourism Intelligence


Fast Track the Change

The option to drive business elements faster, cheaper and more efficient must be considered in view of global best practice. The decision to generate new core technology or regenerate existing platforms will be the influencing factor on earnings.

To maintain status as the leader of the pack or challenge the sector leader, it is essential that you build change within your business and identify the indicators that will drive your success.

Business is extremely competitive and the sophistication of technologies makes for an even playing field. This is not the way to succeed as it is essential for you to develop an uneven playing field with you having the essential intelligence that will develop your technology platform and allow your business to become the leader in its field.

Operating Platforms

Specification Development • RFT • Supplier Sourcing • Capacity • Compliance Audit • Implementation • Optimisation Audit • Communications Interface


Dynamic Packaging • Site Evaluation • Connectivity • Alliances • Content Aggregation • e-marketing • Call Centre Consolidation • Content Management Systems • Service X Change • Security Mobility