Aviation & Tourism Intelligence

Funding & Growth Strategies

Implementing Tactical Growth Plan

Understanding your need for capital requirements, shareholder realisation, project valuation real and potential, and growth plan viability, are the strategic intelligence issues that must be the focus of funding and growth plans.

ATI has the experience in industry know-how in selecting the correct funding partner. The type of business the level of the funds required are important indicators in selecting the perfect partner to grow your business.

It is essential to present the elements of your business model highlighting the market edge your product or service and the expertise of the management team that will drive the business in achieving higher earning.


Quantify Requirements • Funds Application • Growth Capital • Venture Capital • MBO • M&A • IPO • Trade Intelligence and Institutional Representation

Growth Strategies

Risk Sharing • Growth Plan • Debt/Equity Options • Exit Strategies • Selection in Funding Options