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Look Both Ways

In the globalised world of aviation, travel, tourism and hospitality – success is no longer guaranteed by the annual acceptance of the business plan.

The day-to-day grind of business absorbes valuable management time and the opportunity to view the available intelligence is so often overlooked. The option to look both ways examining your strategies and those of your competitor will ensure you have both a relevant and competitive business plan.

Access to global competencies is now essential intelligence. The opportunities to input global applications into your business plan will drive smarter moves and higher earnings.

Working on getting things right is more important than doing the wrong thing perfectly.

The Real Issues


Distribution - Connectivity • Interface Technology • Alliances • GDS/Options • Ancillary Revenue • Customer Loyalty • Routing Logistics

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Strategic Distribution • On-Line Platforms • Brandaids • Customer Loyalty • Dealer Relations • Business Development • Sales and Marketing Plans • Merchandising


Growth Strategies • Revenue Maximisation • Distribution • Interface Technology • Performance/Marketing Audits • Customer Loyalty • Strategic Sales and Marketing Plan